We figured we would give an update on where things are going next! In early August, we are beginning the process of our relocation down south to Texas, this of course means that there are no breeding plans this fall are on the horizon as we are swamped. 

The last few years for me as a breeder has been very opening about the types of demands that breeding puts on me and how much it has worn me down. I have always tried my best when it has come to breeding. I have attempted to do everything the right way, by the book, without cutting any corners in the slightest. I have pulled more dogs from breeding than I have ended up breeding, I have extremely “high” taste and preference for the caliber of dog I want bred and to see produced in my breeding program. However, it just never feels like enough no matter what I do. I have bred on a level I do not feel is sustainable for my own sanity to continue anymore. It has been a tolling, heartbreaking process, that is also sometimes a very rewarding. The emotional rollercoaster of breeding is something we are opting to get off of for the time being. We will simply never breed a litter without the intent to retain one in the future. 

My tentative plans are to resume breeding in 2023 or 2024, but we will not have any plans until we are ready for another puppy ourselves. Who knows how things will actually evolve because if breeding has taught me anything, it’s that nothing ever goes according to plan. The plan at this time is Tipsy will eventually be bred for one litter and if Victoria’s puppy, Tea, and her littermates mature well she will be bred for a litter as well to keep our bloodline going for us more than anything. 

Thank you everyone for all the support on this page, our Instagram, private Facebook and so on. Life is just going in a different direction and it is time to quiet down on this end of things for now. We have some extremely exciting stuff on the horizon and will be resuming being super active in the agility scene once we are settled and relocated. Thank you to all of our amazing owners who have made this journey pleasant thus far. We are forever indebted to you guys giving our babies the most amazing homes. We will of course continue posting updates on our puppies and how proud we are of them on this page and when we are ready to circle back around to this side of things we will make that known as well! 😊❤ 

-Morgan & The RockIt Border Collies